Case Study

Austin Gamblers

The Client

While bull riding is traditionally viewed as an individual sport, the the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) Team series launched in 2022 as a means to bring a more cohesive competition style to fans.

Each of the eight teams are made up of seven “roster riders” and up to five reserve bull riders (injuries are not uncommon). Teams are headquartered in a specific city (not unlike other professional sports organizations) and hosts a weekend-long competition throughout the season.

The Challenge

Create a digital “home base” for the Austin Gamblers that isn’t controlled by the PBR.

At the outset of the PBR Teams series, each team was given a landing page within the PBR website ecosystem. Most teams utilized this as their primary web presence throughout the first season of competition, including the Austin Gamblers. (The Gamblers did create a stand-alone shop as a revenue-driving mechanism.)

As the second (2023) season kicked off, the Austin Gamblers team acknowledged the need for a wholly owned property to serve as the primary connection point between fans and the team where they could surface news, the season schedule, team roster, shop, and more. 

The Plan

Create a web presence for the Austin Gamblers.

We worked with the Gamblers team to outline the core feature set for their website, including commerce integration, to encompass an experience that gives fans a ready destination where they can buy tickets, learn about the riders and coaches, and connect via social media.

The Solution

A digital home for the Gamblers complete with commerce and social media integration.

Utilizing best-in-class software (Webflow + Shopify) combined with our team’s deep experience in building conversion-focused websites and e-commerce platforms, the Apollo 21 team designed and executed an entirely new website for the Austin Gamblers in just a few weeks time. This effort included a custom, from-scratch visual layout as well as migration of commerce efforts from Squarespace into the Shopify platform and integration with the Gambler’s 3PL partners.

The Outcomes

This new website establishes the digital presence of the Austin Gamblers and gives fans a ready home to which they can return for updated information throughout the season. The client feedback, to date, is resoundingly positive and is supported by an increase in merchandise sales as well as strong user analytics.

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