Principles + How We Execute

Guided by our operating principles, our attention to detail, and our step-by-step approach to executing technology, Apollo 21’s ability to assist partners in achieving tangible business outcomes sets us apart from run-of-the-mill development shops.

Our Principles

Crawl ➔ Walk ➔ Run.

Build small. Grow nimbly. Pivot when necessary. Achieve scale.

Relentless collaboration.

Our team becomes an extension of your team.

We expect our clients to outgrow us.

And we build for that eventuality from the outset.

Why We’re Unique

Business > Technology

We focus on business goals first and technology second. This approach is the key to delivering transformative results that change the trajectory of your business. The tech is just there to help.

Defined process.

Knowing what step to take next is crucial. We’ve documented every step of our process, from validation to scale, and we both follow and re-evaluate those checklists during every project.

Nimble, flexible teams.

Apollo 21 is designed to scale flexibly based on the needs of a project. That means clients only pay for the resources who directly impact their project and that we can find the right people for the job.

We live here too.

We’ve sat in your seat. Our Leadership Team is made up of folks who have founded companies, delivered products at global scale, and executed never-before-seen offerings.

How We Execute

Process is Our Superpower

Lean. Agile. Waterfall. Blue Ocean. Purple Ocean. Design Thinking.There’s no shortage of process frameworks and best practices that claim to accelerate the effort of solving problems and building new ventures.

We’ve tried them all. The simple truth is: there are no shortcuts.

Through relentless collaboration, our process focuses on rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work at every (highly documented and carefully researched) step.

Foundational Technology = Speed of Execution

We’re extremely well-versed in the process of building new technology from scratch, and we do so for clients and partners regularly. We’re also experienced enough to know that building from the ground up isn’t always the best or fastest approach.

Our proprietary foundational technology, Mission Control, is like a box of legos from which we can pull reusable parts whenever we need them. For projects focused on data and analytics, operational management, internal or marketing communications, workflow automation, and AI integration — Mission Control allows us to execute roughly 2x faster than building a new platform from scratch.

A Global Ecosystem of Partners

While Apollo 21 is a stellar team of highly experienced, entrepreneurial individuals — we do occasionally encounter needs that are beyond our core skill set. Instead of “faking it ‘til we make it,” we rely on a network of partners with a range of skills across the spectrum of research, marketing, deep tech, production, and more. No matter the need, we can fill gaps in our line-up with genuine experts who can guide and shape our efforts to deliver outstanding outcomes.

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