Roughly 80% of all internet traffic is dedicated to video consumption. Our leadership team first met while working on a previous startup focused on all things video-over-the-internet, and technology for video is deeply engrained in the DNA of the Apollo 21 team.

Our Video Capabilities

Video Management

Today’s common adage is “content is king.” And while companies are  highly focused on creating video content, there’s often little thought given to how and where to store that content for delivery, searchability, and future use. The Apollo 21 team is highly experienced in building solutions for video delivery, storage, and metadata application.

Video Infrastructure + Delivery

If you've worked hard to gather millions of followers to support your content, you want to make absolutely certain that they can watch that content wherever and whenever they want. We've handled video infrastructure and delivery capabilities for a wide variety of creators and platforms.

Computer Vision + Metadata Application

In addition to the above, our team also has experience building computer vision applications and working with AI and human-in-the-loop computation for the application of metadata to video content. Effectively, this allows machines to understand the moment-by-moment context of video content, making it searchable, shoppable, discoverable, and more.

Case Studies

Remote Guarding

Workflow management, automation, and alerting for remote video security.

View the Case Study

Teton Ridge: Content & Commerce

Turn-key management of content and commerce opportunities across multiple platforms.

View the Case Study

Teton Ridge+

ESPN for the world of rodeo and western sports.

View the Case Study

Vibe & Sesh

A social video platform for cannabis lovers everywhere.

View the Case Study

Enterprise Video Management and Distribution Platform

Making video library management and content distribution easy.

View the Case Study

Simplified Music Licensing for On-Demand Fitness

Making music licensing straightforward in a world of complex rights management.

View the Case Study


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