Case Study

Enterprise Video Management and Distribution Platform

The Client

In spite of the ubiquity of video consumption online, this content is still difficult and expensive to control, track, and mediate.

Our client is a technology startup focused on making the management, distribution, and consumption of video content as turn-key as possible.

The Challenge

Create an end-to-end platform for management, distribution, analytics, and programmatic understanding of video for any use case.

By the end of this year, more than 80% of all internet traffic is expected to be video. That’s not just media and entertainment; video encompasses personal & corporate security, telemedicine, defense, and more. But video is both expensive and complex to operate at this scale. 

We were challenged to create “netflix in a box” — flexible enough to work equally well for an individual content creator or a small movie studio. Our solution accounts for: video asset management, metadata association, deep viewer analytics, creation of the front-end experience, and ultimately programmatic analysis of video content.

The Plan

Simplify the management, analysis, and distribution of video content into a turn-key, scalable platform.

We spent the initial stages of the project exploring existing VMS platforms and use cases to understand the pain points and benefits of each. During this time, we also executed bespoke development for other clients in the video space as a learning exercise. 

Once we’d garnered a clear picture of the needs of a new management system, we began architecture and design of our proprietary system.

The Solution

"Netflix in a box"

Most VMS’s attempt to solve a complex problem with an equally complex UX. In an attempt at flexibility, users are left with a confusing organization system that separates content from metadata from distribution. The workflow to schedule a piece of content for viewing requires time and a steep learning curve. 

We set out to solve this issue by making the content king and layering related metadata and materials underneath while offering analytics and insights at both the global and the content-specific level.

A key value prop of our platform is the ability to create a scalable video experience with little to no code for creators of all sizes. This allows creators to focus on distributing content via an owned-and-operated platform instead of popular social distribution platforms like YouTube (which take as much as 80% of a creator’s ad revenue). 

Our turn-key design offers a simple front end experience that can be easily populated by content managed via our platform (see previous page) while allowing for branding and customization as needed.

The Outcomes

Our platform, capable of managing both live and on-demand video experiences, is used for the distribution of content ranging from studio catalogs to the premiers of documentaries and more. It has also grown to include programmatic recognition of visual concepts within video content and provides insights for users to aid in social marketing of their catalog.

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