Case Study

Teton Ridge: Content & Commerce

The Client

A thriving lifestyle brand making data-driven decisions to empower the next generation of Western Sports fans and athletes.

Teton Ridge, a fast-growing player in the Western Sports and Lifestyle industry, had a vision to bring together fans and athletes who share a passion for Western Sports. 

The company was founded by a group of experienced professionals who recognized the value of data as a key driver of informed decision-making, fan engagement, and productivity. Growing access to, and ownership of, data is a key focus of Teton Ridge as a newcomer looking to reshape Western Sports.

The Challenge

Simplify content/commerce management and publishing across multiple branded properties.

Teton Ridge has set out to make their mark on the Western Sports and Lifestyle markets with a range of properties that includes: Teton Ridge (the parent company), The American Rodeo, the Ridge Riders PBR team, Teton Ridge+, Better Barrel Races, and Cowboys & Indians Magazine (with more in development).

Managing all of these properties requires systems for both content and commerce management and distribution that gives the Teton Ridge team full control over the digital experiences without requiring that they publish every article or product individually to each of these touchpoints

The Plan

Utilize best-in-class content and commerce management platforms to manage publishing across the Teton Ridge network of properties.

Initially, the Apollo 21 team set out to research the latest in headless CMS solutions for both the content and commerce needs that would align to the already-established technical stack utilized by Teton Ridge. 

Our research and testing led us to select Strapi on the content side and Shopify for commerce needs.

The Solution

Content & commerce opportunities are published once and displayed on any or all Teton Ridge properties.

After implementing both the Strapi and Shopify environments for Teton Ridge, Apollo 21 built a custom middleware layer that allows the user to select the destination property for publishing content and commerce products on a case-by-case basis. 

The user simply tags the article or product with the appropriate labels to ensure that each shows up on the desired Teton Ridge touchpoints.

This solution gives Teton Ridge the flexibility to publish content and populate commerce products across a suite of different websites and applications while maintaining a unique look and feel for each. 

The front end of each destination is managed uniquely, allowing the Apollo 21 team to work alongside Teton Ridge in creating best-in-class digital experiences that can be managed from a single CMS (for each content and commerce).

The Outcomes

In Their Own Words

“The team at Apollo 21 communicates clearly and stays focused on outcomes, not activity. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organization — not just for help launching a digital product, but assuring guidance and creativity along the way.”

— Ellen Newberg, EVP of Sports at Teton Ridge

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