Case Study

Vibe & Sesh

The Client

A team of cannabis influencers connect the physical & digital worlds of the weed lifestyle.

The Vibe & Sesh platform is the brainchild of an experienced team of entrepreneurs and influencers in the cannabis space. 

Built with the goal of providing a safe space to become immersed in cannabis culture, the platform enables users to connect and socialize with one another and engage with influencers in the industry without fear of negative repercussions which are becoming more prevalent on popular social media platforms.

The Challenge

As regulations are still in flux, cannabis users lack a safe, private platform on which to connect while influencers lack a means to easily connect with fans & brands.

In the midst of the pandemic era, cannabis enthusiasts attempted to shift from in-person to digital events. Given the uncertain regulatory landscape around cannabis, social media platforms have proven unreliable for this market — often shutting down or cancelling events and limiting influencers’ reach.

In response, the founders of Vibe & Sesh envisioned a social platform targeted directly at this industry. Created with a commitment to maintaining a safe and accessible space, free of stigma, Vibe & Sesh enables users to congregate around topics while giving influencers a means to connect directly with brands and fans.

The Plan

Create a social platform dedicated to providing cannabis enthusiasts a safe space to congregate outside of traditional social media.

The Vibe & Sesh team came to Apollo 21 with a rough idea of how they’d like the app experience to come together along with a number of open questions about key features which they hadn’t yet validated with their enthusiast target audience. 

We conducted a Design Sprint to interrogate these questions, build a prototype, and validate the key features with both cannabis enthusiasts and influencers to ensure their needs are met.

The Solution

A peer-to-peer video chat application focused on one-to-one and group connections around topics and influencer personalities.

The founders’ vision was to imbue the terms “vibe” and “sesh” with experiential meaning on the platform: a vibe is a 1:1 conversation whereas a sesh is a group conversation. 

During sign-up, users are required to input proof of age and identity in order to maintain accountability amongst the community. Upon completion, users are funneled directly into the video-chat experience where they can choose between a vibe and a sesh

Taking cues from the interaction models of popular social applications, Vibe & Sesh connects random users in a chat-roulette style experience where swiping is the primary means of movement through the experience. 

Vibes (1:1 interactions) are focused around a topic or category of interest but users are encouraged to let the conversation unfold naturally. If users find a connection, they can befriend one another for future chats. Safety is also kept at the forefront with blocking and reporting features.

Seshes (group interactions) are focused around a person of interest, a specific topic, or a brand sponsorship. As users move through Seshes, they encounter conversation groups created by their friends, by celebrities and influencers, or automatically created by the system around topics of interest. Brands also have the opportunity to get involved by sponsoring seshes.

From the Home screen, users can view current Vibes and Seshes, find and follow friends, and explore celebrity and influencer profiles. 

Users also have the option to book a private Sesh for themselves and their friends with a favorite celebrity or influencer. This unique experience allows for a deeper connection between fans and celebrities & influencers while offering the latter a means to monetize their status amongst the community.

The Outcomes

Together, Apollo 21 and the Vibe & Sesh team were able to design a platform that provides cannabis enthusiasts, influencers, and brands a safe space in which to congregate around their shared interests without fear of being shut down. The user feedback on this niche interest platform is resoundingly positive as folks have clamored for a focused platform around which they can congregate. The Vibe & Sesh founders are currently seeking funding to support the build and launch of this unique application with an eye toward launch in 2024. 

In Their Own Words

“Apollo 21’s innovative way to break out our business is one of the most integral parts of our story to date. Without our Design Sprint — the process, questions and mini workshops — we wouldn't be in the position we are today. ”

— Seth Laderman, Founder, Vibe & Sesh

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