Lean Customer Development

Without customers willing to purchase, even the most innovative, beautifully designed, reasonably priced product will fail. Lean Customer Development is a process through which we can learn exactly what your customers need and use that understanding to build the product they’re willing to pay for.

At Apollo 21, this practice provides the foundation on which further innovation efforts are built.

Our Lean Customer Development Capabilities

Remove Speculation & Intuition

As humans, we’re terrible at building new products and companies based solely on creativity and intuition. Without research, at best we can make an educated guess about customer needs before we build. The Customer Development process offers a repeatable, scalable approach to determining what customers are willing to buy.

Explore & Iterate During the Cheapest Phase of Development

While Lean Methodology has long advocated for simple, fast experimentation, the need to create mockups and write code is still  time-consuming (and therefore expensive). We estimate that, for every hour spent on Customer Development, we can save 5x that time (or more) on future software engineering and design efforts.

Build Your Customer-Base Before Your Product

Our rigorous focus on customer needs enables us to identify the most passionate, enthusiastic customers — those who are highly motivated to solve a particular problem. By involving these customers early in the process and demonstrating an interest in helping solve their pain point, we build an early following for your new product, effectively building a customer-base before we’ve even begun creating the product.

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Teton Ridge+

ESPN for the world of rodeo and western sports.

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