Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The next technology revolution is upon us, and the message is clear: if you’re not planning for the use of AI in your organization’s workflows and data analysis, you’re already behind the curve.

Apollo 21’s proprietary Mission Control platform is the fastest way to operationalize your company’s data utilizing AI.

Our AI Capabilities

Mission Control

If you know you need AI but you’re not sure where to begin — the answer is Mission Control. In a matter of days, the Apollo 21 team will create a unique instance of this proprietary platform, ingest your data, and enable you to query that data using natural language.

Computer Vision

In a past life, the Apollo 21 leadership team worked together at another startup where we were focused on all things video-over-the-internet — including the training and application of computer vision models for object detection, metadata tagging, and video security use cases. We’re well-versed in the development of CV applications.

Large Language Model (LLM) Applications + Chatbots

Gone are the days of phone trees and pre-programmed chatbots that inevitably lead you to an “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to answer that” response. With today’s advancements in LLM’s and chatbot experiences, interacting with a computer via voice or text can sound as natural as speaking to another human.

Generative AI

The ability for machines to “hallucinate” new content, and our ability to apply those capabilities to real-world needs, are growing exponentially. Whether you’re looking to have a machine create text content, visuals, video, or audio — the team at Apollo 21 can help bring your vision to life.

Case Studies

Remote Guarding

Workflow management, automation, and alerting for remote video security.

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Teton Ridge: Mission Control

Utilizing our proprietary Mission Control platform to make data management and insight generation simple and fast.

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Bank of America

The future of customer service is artificial intelligence.

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Putting an LLM inside our most-used software.

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