Case Study

Teton Ridge: Mission Control

The Client

A thriving lifestyle brand making data-driven decisions to empower the next generation of Western Sports fans and athletes.

Teton Ridge, a fast-growing player in the Western Sports and Lifestyle industry, had a vision to bring together fans and athletes who share a passion for Western Sports. 

The company was founded by a group of experienced professionals who recognized the value of data as a key driver of informed decision-making, fan engagement, and productivity. Growing access to, and ownership of, data is a key focus of Teton Ridge as a newcomer looking to reshape Western Sports.

The Challenge

Ingest, normalize, and learn from disparate data attained through the acquisition of five companies in the Western space. 

Teton Ridge became a household name in the Western Sports space almost overnight. The team accomplished this, in part, through the acquisition of numerous well-known organizations that were brought under one roof. Along with those organizations, Teton Ridge acquired all of the data associated with past activities. 

This data set was delivered piecemeal by each organization, resulting in a collection of roughly 75 csv’s, each of which were formatted uniquely and made up of disparate data relevant to the activities of that organization. The team at Teton Ridge had no way to make sense of or query the data, rendering it nearly unusable.

The Plan

Utilize Apollo 21’s proprietary Mission Control platform to ingest, normalize, and display the vast data set, giving stakeholders the ability to view and interact with this valuable resource. 

Apollo 21’s Mission Control platform is a proprietary, foundational technology that enables us to stand up new products roughly 2x faster than building from scratch. Every instance of Mission Control is unique and specific to the client for whom it is built, and data is never commingled between clients. 

Mission Control is ideal for projects focused on internal tooling, workflow management, and data ingestion. In the past, we have utilized Mission Control for: CRM and marketing activities, internal workflow management and communications, planning of repetitive events, off-site video monitoring and alerting, and more. 

The Solution

Ingest, normalize, filter, and query data across multiple brands under the Teton Ridge umbrella.

Data was delivered to the Apollo 21 team in the form of roughly 75 csv files, each containing data from one of the five brands acquired by Teton Ridge. 

Through the use of Mission Control, we were able to ingest, normalize, and visualize analytics data across this data set within six weeks of receipt. This quick turn-around gave Teton Ridge the insights they needed to impact planning for the upcoming American Rodeo event as well as their future technology roadmap (executed in partnership with Apollo 21).

As Apollo 21 worked with Teton Ridge to build out further touch points including a mobile application, multiple web properties, an e-commerce store, on-site activations at local events, and a rodeo event management platform, each of these properties was tied into Mission Control. 

Mission Control is now the central management platform for all Teton Ridge’s data, allowing for analysis, audience segmentation, marketing communications, and more.

The Outcomes

In Their Own Words

“Working with Apollo 21 could not have been better. We found their willingness to offer ideas and solutions refreshing after working with product teams that simply waited to be told what to do.”

— Ellen Newberg, EVP of Sports at Teton Ridge

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