Calvin Wilson | Head of Product + Design

As the Head of Product at Apollo 21, Calvin leads cross-functional teams in delivering SaaS, B2C, and data-intensive applications that solve real problems and create value for our clients and partners. He has over a decade of experience in product design, development, and strategy, working across media, entertainment, and community-driven domains.

Calvin is passionate about empowering artists and creators with modern tools and technologies that enable them to explore their creative potential and connect with their audiences. At a previous role as the Head of Product at SEER, he oversaw the development and launch of a monetization-enabled live streaming app, as well as conducted customer discovery initiatives that validated enterprise and consumer features. He also has a strong background in design thinking, prototyping, and design systems which he uses to create consistent, scalable, and user-centric solutions.

Past Experience

  • Head of Product at SEER
  • Sr. Product Designer at Girlboss
  • Principal Product Designer at Super Deluxe
  • Product Designer at Fullscreen

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