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Want to earn a quick $5,000? Introducing the Apollo 21 Business Bounty Program

You’ve heard of a “bug bounty” program, right? (A bug bounty is a program that pays ethical hackers to find and report bugs or vulnerabilities in software.) While we can’t claim that everything we do is bug free, we’ve opted to focus our bounty program on new business — hence the Business Bounty Program.

How can I earn?

Think of it like a referral program. We have two service offerings to which folks can refer customers and earn a bounty for doing so:

Launchpad: This Apollo 21 service is focused on building highly-performant, conversion-focused websites with a very short turn-around time (as little as 2 weeks!). You can learn more about Launchpad at

💸 If you make a referral that grows into a Launchpad contract, we’ll pay out $500.

Apollo 21: This side of our operations is more loosely defined, but in simple terms it is our business and technology consulting effort. We work with partners to solve problems, create new products, and launch new client-driven ventures. In the past, our work has resulted in consumer-facing mobile and web apps and internal-facing operations platforms designed to help teams manage and automate workflows, communicate with customers, ingest and segment data, derive insights, and more.

💰If you make a referral that turns into an Apollo 21 contract, we’ll pay out $5,000.

What you do with your referral earnings it totally up to you.
We’ll send it directly to you to fund your next vacay.
We’ll send it to your company to help fill the coffers.
Or we’ll donate it to a charity of your choice, on your behalf.

How does it work?

Pretty simple... You make a referral. They sign a contract. We pay you.
Just be sure to make the introduction directly to someone on our team (email is fine) so we know who the referral is coming from. And please be aware, contracts take some time to close. The time from intro to (potential) payout may vary based on how long the onboarding process requires.

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