Enterprise Innovation

Every large, incumbent company was once a disruptive startup looking to make its mark on the world. However, once companies reach “enterprise” scale, they are inevitably optimized to continue executing the business models that have proven valuable in the past.

This approach is at direct odds with innovation.

A truly adaptive and future-focused organization is one that continually disrupts its own business models in search of untapped opportunities, new customers, and growth-ready markets.

Our Enterprise Innovation Capabilities

Preparing for Innovation

An inordinate percentage of innovation efforts result in failure. Successful innovation requires a different approach and mindset than maintaining momentum does. The team at Apollo 21 can help stakeholders clearly understand the difference in these approaches and plan for the cultural shift that is necessary to support transformative growth through innovation.

Lean Customer Development

Without customers willing to purchase, even the most innovative, beautifully designed, reasonably priced product will fail. Lean Customer Development represents a commitment to, and process for, gaining a deep understanding of your customer’s needs. At Apollo 21, this practice provides the foundation on which further innovation efforts are built.

Lean Methodology at Scale

Even though your business may not be a “lean startup,” the Lean Methodology still plays a pivotal role in approaching innovation efforts and ensure that the new products and ventures your team creates are built by gaining the most value with the least risk possible. The Apollo 21 team is highly experienced in utilizing Lean practices and can guide you in making this process a hallmark of your innovation efforts.

Establishing Venture Operations

As humans, the reality is we’re terrible at building new products and companies based solely on creativity and intuition. But building innovative products is a systematic, repeatable process. That process can be established and built into your organization to carry your innovation and venture-building efforts into the future.

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